Marco Pacassoni Oriental Tour - China & Japan

01.04.2019 / News / Visite: 1937

I'm very happy to announce my tour in China and Japan next June/July playing with my pianist Enzo Bocciero plus great international musicians such as Antonio Fusco on drums and Chenhuai Wang on bass promoting my music from "Grazie", "Happiness" and "Finally" plus some Zappa songs from "Frank & Ruth". I would like to thank my manager Rosario Moreno for his incredible job, the Italian Institute of Cultures and all the jazz clubs that invited me to present my music. Here the calendar:


27 Marco Pacassoni International Quartet - Italian Institute of Culture- Beijing - China

28 Marco Pacassoni International Quartet - La Plantation - Beijing - China

29 Marco Pacassoni International Quartet - East Shore Jazz Club - Beijing - China

30 Marco Pacassoni International Quartet - Dusk Dawn Club - Beijing - China



02 Marco Pacassoni Enzo Bocciero Duo - Italian Institute of Culture - Osaka - Japan

03 Marco Pacassoni Enzo Bocciero Duo - Peel Fresco - Hong Kong - China

04 Marco Pacassoni International Quartet - Salon 10 - Hong Kong - China

05 Marco Pacassoni Enzo Bocciero Duo - Italian Institute of Culture - Hong Kong - China


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